Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome to Christ following heretics...

Welcome to Christ following heretics...

This is a blog that is for those of us that are uncomfortable.

A blog that is really more of a tribe of Christ followers that are tired of the status- quo.

A tribe for those of that no longer wants the bride of Christ to be status- quo, but to be the beautiful, radiant, world changing church that Jesus wanted her to be!

This is a blog where we will talk about, think about and put into practice... our call to be a missional church. This is a tribe, where we will stand the church worldwide on it's ear. A tribe that wants to turn church leadership, upside down on it's ear... we want to challenge the status- quo of church leadership. We are going to be a tribe that challenges the religious right & left, challenges the church and it's social justice programs, it challenges the way we have always done church. Challenge it with scripture... combined with cultural relevancy that the church many times is missing.

This blog is going to make some of you mad. You will probably call us heretics. GOOD!

According to Seth Godin's book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us... that is exactly what we are. Guess what church... we are here, and it is time to listen and deal with us. It is time to dialogue and not just accept everything that we have been spoon fed for years. Now... is the time. Now is the time for this tribe of heretics to respectfully, honestly and passionately challenge the way things have always been done. Why? Why is it time to challenge these things? Because... quit spinning the numbers church leaders... the churches & denominations in the United States are losing ground. The church of the United States is irrelevant to today's culture and world.

So I ask you to start following this blog... join this tribe of heretics that want the Bride of Christ to become a beautiful, radiant bride that our Saviour deserves. Join us!

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