Friday, December 19, 2008

Free audiobook of Tribes

At the end of the audiobook of Tribes, Seth Godin has asked that we giveaway this audiobook.  

Simply put, this book is AMAZING!  Don't think about this book, just as a secular work world leadership book... he talks almost as much to church leaders in this book as he does other corporate leaders and managers.  In this book, Seth Godin talks about the need for the leaders of today, to be heretics.  That we need to challenge the way things have been done forever.  

For so long, I have struggled at churches, in the work world because I don't like the status quo... especially when we could have been better.  I struggled really hard at times in ministry because at times, i was treated like a heretic because I challenged the status quo way of doing things.  When I saw that we as a church was not doing what the Bible called us to do by taking care of the poor, the disadvantaged... I was treated like a heretic.  I was treated like an alien from another planet. The pastor kept me at arms length, because he did not want his religious right wing buddies to think that he was turning liberal.  I am serious!  

I became such a pain about it.  I sent emails, talked about the poor in staff meetings, at times when I was leading communion & offering... so he decided to keep me at arms length... allowing me to have enough resources to say we are doing more. for.. or at least something for the poor... but it was not a priority to him.  Again, I was treated by him as a heretic.

Here is a link from where you can register and get the audiobook for free.  

Enjoy the book and become a part of the tribe here.  

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