Sunday, December 21, 2008

There Has To Be More...

There are times over the last 8- 9 years where people have called me and my family scrooges.  During this time, we have always felt that there had to be more to Christmas than what we Americans think of Christmas as.  I mean, we as Americans, Christian and non-Christian... have focused Christmas on trees, presents, lights, blow up inflatables in the front yard and to us... this was the way to celebrate Christmas.  But for years... to me... Christmas is about so much more.  I mean, we Americans are pretty smart... most of the time.  But why have we allowed the idolatry of commercialism and consumerism creep into the time when the majority of Americans believe that it is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ?  

I say there has to be more!  I think the fact our Saviour would leave his Heavenly home and come here to be with us... is frankly... REVOLUTIONARY!  I think that it is the second most selfless act in the history of the world, only after the fact that Jesus would allow himself to be killed for our sins.  

Then what should we do for Christmas?  Ok... scrooge... you heretic... what should we be doing for Christmas?  

I have heard it said that the best way to remember somebody's birthday or their death is to live what they were about.  What was Jesus about?  What was our Saviour about?  

I mean Jesus was about taking the Good News to those that needed it the most.  Jesus was Good News to the poor, to the disadvantaged, to the hurting... Jesus was a heretic to the religious elite... to the legalistic he was despised... to those that were comfortable in their religion he made them uncomfortable.  He demanded more of his followers... without the legalism.  He came and turned the established church upside down on their ear.  

There has to be more to this Christmas thing each year... there has to be more to this Christian life... I mean Jesus said that he has come to give us life... and more, real life... an abundant life.  He did not say, he came to give us more stuff... more money... so what does this life look like?  I would argue that it is us living the Kingdom of God out in our daily lives... it is about us BEING Jesus this Christmas season to the family members we don't like... to the single mom down the street... to the neighbor kids that get on our nerves... I would say it is about us having mercy and compassion... and following Jesus' command to "go and do likewise"... it is about us as Christ followers going and remembering that the life of Jesus is about more than what we have reduced it down to?  

Watch for more on this for the next couple of days...  Merry Christmas!

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