Monday, December 22, 2008

There still has to be more to Christmas!

There has to be more to doing Christmas as usual... for us to be Jesus... that means we have to DO what Jesus would have done.  I am not talking about just wearing a little WWJD bracelet.  

I am talking about physically doing what it is that Jesus did.  If you look at Jesus' life... he was a living verb.  Jesus put actions to things he believed in.  For us... if we believe in Jesus... his radical Good News message, that God sent His only son to come to earth... to live out the Kingdom of God... to live out what Heaven is going to be like... they why does that not motivate us more?!  Why is it we measure how much we enjoy Christmas... by the number of Christmas trees we have in our house... or we measure how spiritual we are about Christmas... by the number of presents we give to family members that we have not seen all year and let's be honest, probably don't even like anyways.  

This whole message of Jesus... Him coming to earth... with the mission of bringing a piece of heaven to this God forsaken world... with the gift of dying for those that did not and does not deserve such a gift... and then he gives us the opportunity to bring heaven here by praying for the sick and to bring healing through us... for us to have the opportunity to do more than he did here on earth with the gift of the Holy Spirit... then I ask... why have we Americans reduced the message of Christmas down to what it is?  Is it time for us to repent?  Is it time for us to seek forgiveness for losing our first love?  I think we all know the answer... but will we?  

Jesus went to the hurting... went to sick... went to the poor.  In today's day and age... that means that we need to go to the elderly widow or widower that is lonely and not going to see their family... and be their family!  It means that we go and take Christmas presents to the single mom that can't afford them... and let her put her name on them to her kids... it is about us taking some of the hundreds [or thousands] of dollars that we spend... and use it to buy a poor family a cow someplace overseas... so they can make money by selling milk for their family to live on.  It means that instead of our big fancy meals... we go out and share those meals with some one who is alone... who is hurting.  

This is what Jesus would have done... these things are Good News... these things are pieces of heaven coming to earth.  What would the impact be... if we started to BE Jesus in our community... if we started to really DO what Jesus did... what is the impact that we can have on our communities?  On our families?  On our work?  On our schools?  Let's talk about that on Tuesday.  

Leave some comments, let's discuss this!

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