Saturday, February 7, 2009

Following Christ is NOT easy

You know being a Christ follower... a true, sold out, cross carrying,
born again follower of Jesus Christ is not easy. I mean come on...
isn't it much easier to only follow the parts of the Bible that we
actually like or not going to cost us anything? If we are going to
challenge the status quo... if we are going to be open to doing some
thing that is completely radical for the Kingdom of God... then guess
what... it is NOT going to be easy.

Lately, I have been studying my way through Ezekiel, because has
called me to do some things that is not very pleasant. He has called
me to address sin... ugly, arrogant, sin in some people's lives.
Frankly... I don't want to do it. Because like Ezekiel when God sent
him to that obstinate and stubborn house of Israel... he knew that the
Israelites where going to talk trash, talk smack about him. Matter of
fact, God gave Ezekiel a hard head, because He knew that Ezekiel was
going to have to deal with some stupid stuff. He knew that Ezekiel
was going to need endurance for the long haul.

To be a heretic is going to mean, that you are going to do things
that those that are pretending to be Christ followers... or those that
are just filling a pew seat on Sunday... might think is irrational,
might think you have lost your mind... they might think that you have
just plain gone insane. I told somebody the other day, that I would
just love for God to let me get comfortable for a little bit... I
would love to know at times what it means to be lazy when it comes to
being a Christian. But you know what... now that I have thought about
it... I wouldn't want it any other way. I have realized that God has
made me resilient for a reason. He has made me hard headed like
Ezekiel for a reason. Whether it is to plant a church... whether it
is to start a new missions ministry... whether it is go to a segment
of your city and to bring the Kingdom of God... Jesus came to give us
life... life abundantly. I don't think this life is one that is to be

Now get out there and make a difference for the Kingdom!

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