Thursday, January 8, 2009

We need broken leaders

Boy has it been a week.

Have you ever gotten to point emotionally and spiritually where you
can't take anymore?

That was me this last weekend and Monday. For those of you that know
me, knows I have been in a spiritual battle for a time in my life.
That is why in part my family moved back to Ohio.

This last weekend and Monday many things came to a head... Spiritually
I was at the end of my rope and emotionally I was fried... It was even
starting to effect me physically. I was struggling... I needed a
release, something to break . So I did.

It started at church Sunday... Then as things continued Sunday and
Monday morning... I just sat and weeped. I hurt.

I think that as Christ followers that are trying to make a difference
we are going to have times like this. When you put everything you
have into following and serving Christ... And love God with everything
that we are... Then we are left vulnerable in this sinful world.

I'm today's world of church and church leadership... Some may think
that this blog post is something that should not be shared. But I
think that leaders in churches today need to be transparent and
authentic... When we struggle... Be honest about it.

I watch a ton of church leaders and the ones that I respect the most
are the ones that are honest and transparent about their issues.

To connect... Minister with people today... It is going to require
church leaders to go to a whole new level of honest... Transparent...
Open relationships with the churches that we lead. The people in our
churches need to know that we don't have it all together and that we
are not "super Christians" with a cape and a cross on our chest.

I realize more and more that churches need more pastors that can admit
they are on a journey and don't have it all together instead of more
degrees and more titles.

What about you?

Our churches are full of broken people that need Jesus... I like the
saying... How can we lead somebody on this journey of following Christ
if we have not? How can we encourage the broken of our church if we
have not been broken ourselves? Will we lead the broken on this
journey... Can we lead them if we have not let God break us lately?

This is a call to drop our pride and dependence on ourselves and to
let God have it... This is a call to myself as much as it is to
anybody else!


  1. I was talking with a friends in-laws a couple of days back, when we began to have a conversation of what it's like to be in a thriving relationship. Something that his father in law said to me stuck he said, "If you ever find the one that is right, don't think you have to have it all figured out, If you have it all figured out then what do have in your relationship to grow off of." What would have there to battle through together and grow?
    When Jesus talks about the foundation of your relationship with God he talks about a person who builds his house upon sand and the rains come and his house crumbles. But another man builds he house on rock and the rains come and it thrives, it lives! Jesus says, "when the rains come," not if. They do, It rains. It rains in our lives. Those are the moments when were broken and we call out to God, God cannot ignore the cry of his children and when we cry he is close. Our father gets to hold us in his arms.
    I praise God for leaders who are thriving and experience life in the best and worst. They are in the midst of their Father.

  2. Thanks Sam for your thoughts... good thoughts. Encouraging for me, thanks.